Sour Cream

All copyrights reserved [including doubts, insecurities and few bites of nachos].

Not worth it!

All rights reserved {including all inspirations that come from Grey’s Anatomy}

News Year resolutions are so blasphemous.

All copyrights reserved [including all the fears and dreams that came true 🙂 ]

Where’s my Santa?

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ 🙂 One of God’s attributes in Islāmic Theology is al-Khaliq (The Creator); Thanks to Almighty, human is also granted with a share of this creative-imaginative ability. But the question… Continue reading

Did Mayans suffer an overdose?

All rights reserved [including common-sense]


All copyrights reserved [including pulse rate]

…and I kept eating

ENT – See [eyes and donot listen], Smell [nose] and Swallow [throat] All copyrights reserved [including ear wax and gall-stones]


Translation:When she sings lullabies/ the nights become sleepless/ seems like moonlight is responsible. Lyrics of Saiyaan from the Sountrack of Bollywood flick Heroine.


All copyrights reserved [including uncertainty and chat conversations]

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