52-week photo challenge 2015

 This year, I will be participating in a 52-week photography challenge – this one to be precise. Each Wednesday, I will be posting one image depicting the concept/word for the week on this page only (and my Instagram – therefore, my Facebook and twitter… actually cross-posting everywhere).

Perks: Each week, if you feel like coming to the blog, do let me know if you would like a free photo print. I will choose one of my captures for 8 weeks, do a draw if needed and post a 5×7 postcard print of the capture to you. It will be accompanied by a 52 words or less short story which will only be shared exclusively with you. If you would like to take a snap of it and share with others, that’s a different story. Cheers.

Week 27 – Independence / Week 28 – Sunset / Week 29 – Out of Place




Sunset – Stockholm


Out of Place

Week 23 – Mouthwatering / Week 24 – Shades of Grey / Week 25 – Diptych / Week 26 – Loud Noises

Yaay, we are half way through!

Hazelnut Latter and Peach Pie

Hazelnut Latter and Peach Pie


Shades of Grey

Valborg Night celebrating the arrival of Spring with a bon fire in Stockholm, Sweden

Valborg Night celebrating the arrival of Spring with a bonfire in Stockholm, Sweden



Week 19, 20, 21, 22 – Blending In/ Secret/ Humanize/ Parts of a Whole


Blending In



Humanize (May Day Demonstration in Malmo, Sweden)

Humanize (May Day Demonstration in Malmo, Sweden)

Parts of a Whole (Vatican Museum, Rome)

Parts of a Whole (Vatican Museum, Rome)

Week 15, 16, 17, 18 – Architecture/ Nature/ Book Worm/ Night Time


ArchitectureznatureNaturezbookwormBookwormznight-timeNight Time (Valborg Festival)

While in Sweden.

Week 14 – Fresh Start


#CaffeineFix – Slurp!

Week 12 and 13 – Silhouette, Close Call



Theme: Close Call

Draws come to a closure 🙂

Week 9, 10, 11 – Cliches, Collage, High-Key

It is 21st March – the occasion of Nauroze (New Day). Coincidentally I was working on the challenge and time was a recurrent theme, had the picture on my hard disk but could not get time to upload them. So this post fitted Nauroze aptly and also the format of asipofcoffeeness. You can read more about the festival here.


High key photography has a vast majority of tones that are above middle gray and that the background is almost always white but may show some detail. My portrait is a different interpretation of the same. I started with the purest and then experimented which made to the final cut.

Free Print (Week 8 Draw): Fabio, and he will receive a free print of this image.

Week 8 – Long Exposure

In simple words, when the camera is manually set to capture more light through slow shutter speed. Not simple :p

A singer on the roll.. disco - not really!

A singer on the roll.. disco – not really!

Free Print (Week 7 Draw): Ayesha again. You will get a print of a photograph from my latest publication with a short story of 52 words of less 🙂 

Week 7 – RED


Free Print (Week 6 Draw): Eman Rashwan of the FB page – Glittery Me. You will get a print of your portrait that I have captured 😀 

Week 6 – Hidden from view


I don’t need to write much.

Free Print (Week 5 Draw): Ayesha Mehmood… Thalassemia activist. She also runs her store via Facebook and let me tell you she has amazing stuff – check it out here. Because of this week’s theme, I am not telling which print I have chosen. It will be accompanied by a short story of 52 words or less. It is the first time, that both the content of story and photo will be exclusive to the receiver.

Week 5 – Mirrored Image

Kite, Wings and Hearts

Free Print (Week 4 Draw): Fatima Almas. For this, I will choose one photograph from this essay as a print with a short story of 52 words or less.

Week 4 – Out of Focus

out of focus

Free Print (Week 3 Draw): Zahara Khan, you got lucky for the second time (actually third because for the first, you will be getting two prints). For this, I have chosen print of last week’s photograph (with a short story).

Week 3 – Recreate a famous photo

This week’s challenge was really tough in terms of thinking what should I recreate. I loved the album artwork of the debut album of Prateek Kuhad titled ‘In token and charms’. Such an awe-inspiring music – it is like whisper of sweet nothings in your soul. Check it out on www.prateekkuhad.com, beware it’s addictive and already famous!

Prateek Kuhad's Album Art Work [My Inspiration]

Prateek Kuhad’s Album Art Work [My Inspiration]


My tokens and charms 🙂

Free Print (Week 2 Draw): Rania Joseph, you will get a print (with a short story) when we meet in Sweden next. This one to be exact titled ‘Water Ballerina‘ for your love and passion for protecting the environment. 

Week 2 – Interpret a song

I have selected this song: Preet – audio.  

Longing (Preet)

Longing (Preet)

Lyrics: If I knew that falling in love gave so much grief, I would have warned everyone – on the beat of drums – no one should get tangled into love. [Backing Vocals:] Why are you saying such words? Say it with a low voice, (suggesting strangers may listen). :p

Free Print (Week 1 Draw): I am so excited to send this print and another surprise one (perks of first draw) to Zahara Khan, my teacher and dear friend [decide before clicking the link ;)]. This photograph is really special because it was kind of more tangible outcome of my interest in photography (since childhood). This one won a prize at Delhi University, India. The print will be accompanied by a short story of 52 words and less, exclusively for Zak, though I am not a great fiction writer :p

Week 1 – Celebrations

Week 1

My love for crazy things a.k.a. glasses.

For free prints, each week: